sreda, 24. januar 2007

First snow and my first Java bug

Today has started good. :)))
During the night we had our first snow, well only a couple of snowflakes, but nevertheless. :)))
When I came to work I found this in my Inbox:
We have determined that this report is a new bug and entered the bug into our internal bug tracking system under Bug Id: 6516858.

You can monitor this bug on the Java Bug Database at

Woohoo... My first Java but was accepted!!!! It is not yet visible to the external world, since it takes a day or two to propagate through the infrastructure, I guess. :)))

torek, 23. januar 2007

New Java update soon ?

Now you all know that Slovenia's currency is Euro. The problem is that this change is still not propagated into Java. Why? There is a bug reported, but is it closed as NOT A BUG. :))) It says that they will fix the problem as soon as ISO 4217 announced the change. I guess they still didn't do that. Why do standard bodies have to be so slow? It's a simple change!

nedelja, 21. januar 2007

Experiences with €

Slovenia is using € for 21 days now. The prices have gone up a bit (some even for 100,% 200 % :(( ) , my wallet is full of coins and I still don't have a right sence of the value of the currency. I'm sure with time I'll get the feeling. For example before you had to pay for a car couple of millions, but now "only" couple of tens of thousends, so it's a bit different.
The "secret" project I blogged about couple of weeks ago is comming to an end and more will be revealed by the end of the month. Stay tuned ! :))

ponedeljek, 01. januar 2007

Happy New Year 2007

I whish to you all a happy new year 2007, full of health, happiness and love. To my countryman I also wish welcome to euro-zone and may you see a lot of big euro notes. :))