ponedeljek, 28. avgust 2006

Finally back :)

Finally I am back! :) It was very nice to see my girl again after a week. :)
We've done a lot of work in USA. Unfortunately I cannot discuss what we have been doing for now. Maybe when the official announcement will be out. Ant what I have been hearing it will be soon. And it will rock this region. :)))
I've been sleeping for 11 hours and I'm still sleepy. Maybe because my body still goes by an hour that is 5 hours behind my local one.

torek, 22. avgust 2006

Japanese restaurant

Yesterday was a good working day. We've done so much. I've also heard one of the guys that are helping us with our project that we are three days ahead of schedule.
We went to some Japanese restaurant to get dinner. They have multiple chefs that prepare your food right at the table. I've never seen or experienced it. It was great ! :)) Our chef talked like Latka. :)

nedelja, 20. avgust 2006

First day in Raleign - Durham

I'm writing this in my hotel room and the air-conditioning is turned on. Outside is very hot and humid. I hate it. :((
Of course I also had problems with my luggage, since they managed to tear my suitcase apart. Ahhhhh !!!!
I reported my damaged baggage and hope I get refunded for it. Now I have to buy myself a new suitcase. Since this is my second suitcase that got trashed on the trips to America I guess I won't spend much money on it. I hear you can get 4-5 suitcases for 30-40 USD in Target or Walmart. Next time I'll wear all my clothes. :))

torek, 15. avgust 2006

Raleigh, NC

It is confirmed. :) I'm going to Raleigh, NC on Saturday. Me and some of my colleagues are going to be working at IBM site there on a project I cannot discuss now (there is an NDA in place).
This is not the first trip to the USA (in fact it is my fifth or sixth) and I hope I'll go to some game there. Weather it is basketball, football, ... I don't care. I just want to see what the fuss is all about. :)

četrtek, 10. avgust 2006

Ubuntu 6.06

I'm using Ubuntu 6.06 from when it was released. I've never used Ubuntu before (I was a Mandriva guy), so when I got a new machine (with my HDD from previous machine) today it didn't start into gdm. Hmm... I knew that the graphics card is not the same anymore and I couldn't find the program to set X up. So I changed the graphics driver to vesa, boot it up and searched for a solution. I only found out that X does support SIS graphics cards (this one is integrated into motherboard). So I changed the graphics driver to sis, rebooted and it dows work now. At last! :)))
I'd really like to know what programs to use, to update the system and tell it what drivers to use, ....
Any help is welcome. :)

New development machine

Today I got a brand new development machine. It is a Lenovo 3000 J Series. Oh, well at least I have an DVD burner now. :)))
It took my company almost 5 years to get a burner into my machine. :))
And at the rate they sell machines I guess I'll have it for about a month :)

ponedeljek, 07. avgust 2006

My first day

Today is my first day after my vacation. I got up at 6:00 as usual, but it felt like 3:00. :))
I hope the day will be more productive and not so sleepy.

sobota, 05. avgust 2006

End of vacation

My vacation is going to end in a day. So on monday morning I have to get up eary and go to work :(
Why can't the company change it's policy and let me work at home? It would be good for me and several researches are saying more productive too. Hmm.. maybe this will change is the comming years. Maybe not. :)