četrtek, 10. avgust 2006

Ubuntu 6.06

I'm using Ubuntu 6.06 from when it was released. I've never used Ubuntu before (I was a Mandriva guy), so when I got a new machine (with my HDD from previous machine) today it didn't start into gdm. Hmm... I knew that the graphics card is not the same anymore and I couldn't find the program to set X up. So I changed the graphics driver to vesa, boot it up and searched for a solution. I only found out that X does support SIS graphics cards (this one is integrated into motherboard). So I changed the graphics driver to sis, rebooted and it dows work now. At last! :)))
I'd really like to know what programs to use, to update the system and tell it what drivers to use, ....
Any help is welcome. :)
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