nedelja, 27. julij 2008

Easter eggs in

I just came across some Easter Eggs in OpenOffice. I hope you'll enjoy them. :)

sobota, 19. julij 2008

Big projects and vi/emacs

I'm working with Java on couple of projects with couple of hundreds or even thousands of files of source code. I'm using NetBeans, because of the project management system it provides, it's editor with code completion, refactoring, GUI designer tool and other stuff.
I've always admired people who use vi or emacs on projects of that size. I can't imagine to live without code completion. There are too much methods with different parameters in a project to remember them all.
I'd like to hear from someone using vi/emacs on large projects how they do it. Thanks. :))

petek, 18. julij 2008

Java in Hollywood

I've just finished watching movie called Antitrust. The movie is about a system called SYNAPSE. Couple of time you can see a snippet of code that makes SYNAPSE and the code is Java. Cool! I've never before seen Java in a movie.