sobota, 29. september 2007

Description of DB2 sqlcodes

Did you ever need a description of a sqlcode in a programming language like Java? Did you ever wanted to know if an sqlcode is an error or a warning?
You can use SYSPROC.SQLERRM function for that:
VALUES(SYSPROC.SQLERRM('SQL0911N', '', '', 'en_US', 0))

There is a sqlcode: in the description and id this is negative then you have an error, otherwise a warning. I consider sqlcodes that don't have sqlcode: in the description as not important. :)

nedelja, 23. september 2007


In my early days I played a lot of Tetris. On my 486 with a Turbo button :)) I even got so may points that the score counter flipped over, but I was never as good as this guy. :))
He truly is a Tetris Master.

sobota, 15. september 2007


Yesterday one of my coworkers said something that I'm laughing even today over it.
He was trying to open a CSV file with Excel, but he got some strange results. Then he noticed that a description column had newline characters in, so Excel made more lines as it should.
So he said: "Why don't they put newline in one line." :)))

nedelja, 02. september 2007

Easter Egg in Google Earth

Remember a while back when I blogged about Easter Eggs ?
There is a great one in the newest Google Earth. Download it and press CTRL-ALT-A. you'll see a flight simulator and here are the controls you can use.
Have a lot of fun. :)
What are the best Easter Eggs you've found in software?