ponedeljek, 30. oktober 2006

New NetBeans modules

I'm sorry I didn't post any updated/new modules for NetBeans. The thing is that I'm busy at work and I don't have much free time. I promise I will update every module that can be found on my homepage to version 5.5. I also have some idea for new modules and I hope to get them done till 2007 :)))

NetBeans 5.5 released

Together with a new netbeans.org page design, version 5.5 was released. It IS a great improvement over 5.0 since it supports Java EE5.
But myself will be more eager to use version 6.0 as it will contain many new improvements for the editor itself. Can't wait! :)) I've tried them with a build from the trunk and the editor is much better compared to now. Code completion is more context aware and a lot faster. I still have to test it with a large projects that I'm working on, but the infrastructure itself promises a lot. :))

ponedeljek, 23. oktober 2006

HDTV channels

Woopie!! :)
Yesterday my ISP company T-2 (provides Internet and IPTV for me) just started to broadcast 8 HDTV channels. They are the first ones to do it in my country. I know they are the first who do it over IPTV and I also didn't hear that there are any HDTV channels on cable, so they are probably the first all together. But if I'm wrong, I'm sorry. :)

Now I just have to get a good HDTV television. :)) Any recommendations ?

nedelja, 22. oktober 2006

Internet on flight

Last 14 days I've been in North Carolina working at the Triangle Research Park with IBM on a project, so I didn't have much time to post something interesting. Now this one is of some interest. At least to me. What happened? as I write this we are flying somewhere over Atlantic ocean. Isn't it great to use Internet on the plane, when you have sme time to do some work. :)))
And the best thing about it is that it is FREE. Well, at least on this flight. I home the companies will figure it out to offer free access on the flights. :)))
Best regards from 10000 m over sea. :))

EDIT: The provider of the FREE Internet was Lufthansa

nedelja, 15. oktober 2006

NC State Fair

I've (and some of my co-workers) have been in North Carolina for a week now. Since we have the weekend off, yesterday we made a trip to Wilmington, then to a battle ship from the WWII that is near by. At the end we went to a beach at the Atlantic Ocean and finally had a dinner at the nearby hotel.
I can say that the water in Atlantic Ocean is not at all salty. Our Adriatic see is more salty. :)
Well, today we are going to the NC State Fair. I've looked at the program for today and the best thing I can see there is the Tractor Pull. I'm not soo keen to pay 6$ for enty fee to go and see cattle, pigs, chicken, ... I can imagine for a typical American child that is living in a city this is interesting, but for me it is not, since we had those animals at home. Well, we still do. :)))
We'll see....