sreda, 28. februar 2007

NetBeans Book

I can wait to get my hands on this book . :)))
It should clear up a lot of things regarding developing modules for NetBeans and also using NetBeans Platform.

torek, 27. februar 2007

Linux editor's macro support

At work I'm working a lot with text files (data that is comma delimited, ...) and usually I have to change something in the files, like adding comma at the end of every line, ... So I need an editor with macro support. Well, with macros that can be recorded.
My favourite text editor is vi, but I didn't find that functionality in it. You can write a map command for it, but it is time consuming and not exactly what I want.
Since I'm using GNOME I've tried gedit and no macro support there too. :((
Then I tried Emacs. You can record key strokes, but you cannot link them to a keyboars shourtcut. At least I don't know how. :)))
Since I program in Java a lot I thought maybe some Java editor will help me. I've tried NetBeans (my main development environmet) and Jedit, but they don't feel like text editor to me. :))
Then I though: "Google is your friend." and it was. :))) I've found nedit editor. There you can record a macro and link it to a keyboard shourtcut. I has an ugly GUI, but it does the job fast. I'm happy with it. For now at least. :)))
Are any other editors that know macorded macros out there?

četrtek, 15. februar 2007

SelfCheckout progress

My last post is old :))) 
This is because the work I've been doing. I had to do some catch up on the work I didn't do because of the "secret project"  :))).
Now I also have to so some work on the communication between our application and the government customs application. It appears that our government is pushing XML into their processes. Interesting... The problem is that the specifications they gave out on how the XML document should look like is not exactly the same as their system want to receive it. The second problem is that when you send an XMl document you don't always get an answer back what was wrong with it. Oh, well... In couple of weeks everything should be OK. :))

petek, 02. februar 2007

Secret project revealed :))

Some of you may remember me mentioning a "secret" I was working on.
Now this "secret" project was just revealed on the 31st of January 2007.
It's a SelfCheckout terminal at one of our biggest retailer!!! Woohooo!! :)) It's also the first in this part of the Europe and the first commercial installation of the new version of IBM's SelfCheckout in the world (at least I was told so :))) .
Here are some news, but sadly only in Slovenian language:
- Siol
- Finance
- Dnevnik