torek, 27. februar 2007

Linux editor's macro support

At work I'm working a lot with text files (data that is comma delimited, ...) and usually I have to change something in the files, like adding comma at the end of every line, ... So I need an editor with macro support. Well, with macros that can be recorded.
My favourite text editor is vi, but I didn't find that functionality in it. You can write a map command for it, but it is time consuming and not exactly what I want.
Since I'm using GNOME I've tried gedit and no macro support there too. :((
Then I tried Emacs. You can record key strokes, but you cannot link them to a keyboars shourtcut. At least I don't know how. :)))
Since I program in Java a lot I thought maybe some Java editor will help me. I've tried NetBeans (my main development environmet) and Jedit, but they don't feel like text editor to me. :))
Then I though: "Google is your friend." and it was. :))) I've found nedit editor. There you can record a macro and link it to a keyboard shourtcut. I has an ugly GUI, but it does the job fast. I'm happy with it. For now at least. :)))
Are any other editors that know macorded macros out there?
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