petek, 30. november 2007

Depp Copy of Objects

Ever wanted to do a clone of a Vector for example. You could use the clone() method on all objects that are in the Vector, but there are better solutions:
- Exploit Serialization To Perform Deep Copy
- Faster Deep Copies of Java Objects
- Low-Memory Deep Copy Technique for Java Objects

Whatever approach suits you best is the one for you. :)

četrtek, 08. november 2007

Migrating Class libraries between NetBeans versions

There is a nice entry in NetBeans Wiki on how to migrate class libraries between different IDE versions, so you don't have to manually enter them.

Cooler T60

After a week of using Ubuntu 7.10 I've noticed that my T60 is much cooler that it was running Ubuntu 7.04. I'm running BOINC all day long and the temperature of the CPU is 10˚C lower than on Ubuntu 7.04.

petek, 02. november 2007

Ubuntu 7.10

I've upgraded my T60 to Ubuntu 7.10. the main thing I noticed is that now hibernate/resume works as it should. Ubuntu 7.04 had a nasty bug when sound did not work anymore after resume. This has been fixed now.
And since I have an ATI x1400 card inside I also wanted to test the latest ATI drivers that support composite so compiz-fusion can work. But the drivers have a bug which prevents a notebook to go to hibernate mode. So now, until ATI releases new driver's, I'll not be using compiz-fusion since hibernate is more important to me. And for me these compiz gets in a way after a while, but it has some very nice graphics effects.