torek, 10. september 2013

Getting SQL917 on DB2 while executing DDL statements

I'm using DB2 9.7.5 Express-C on Windows and Linux. Usually I get this if I'm running a lot of DDL statements in a transaction.
The only solution until now that I found is to restart the database and reissue DDL statements.

If anyone knows more about this please comment.

Grouping icons on Unity launcher

During past months that I've been using Ubuntu and Unity the Launcher got crowded with vaious icons of program I installed and program I put on the launcher.
Things gor messa, so I needed a solution. It came to me in a form of "Drawers". More on the can be found here and here.

Tabs in Skype

I'm using Skype and I'd like to have Skype use one window for all the things I do with it. By default it has two winodws (Contact and Chat window).
This can be changed by using SkypeTab found at
Now I can see my contacts on the left side of the windows and chats, each in it's own tab, on the right side.