nedelja, 15. oktober 2006

NC State Fair

I've (and some of my co-workers) have been in North Carolina for a week now. Since we have the weekend off, yesterday we made a trip to Wilmington, then to a battle ship from the WWII that is near by. At the end we went to a beach at the Atlantic Ocean and finally had a dinner at the nearby hotel.
I can say that the water in Atlantic Ocean is not at all salty. Our Adriatic see is more salty. :)
Well, today we are going to the NC State Fair. I've looked at the program for today and the best thing I can see there is the Tractor Pull. I'm not soo keen to pay 6$ for enty fee to go and see cattle, pigs, chicken, ... I can imagine for a typical American child that is living in a city this is interesting, but for me it is not, since we had those animals at home. Well, we still do. :)))
We'll see....
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