sreda, 14. marec 2007

New server

At my job, we are planning in developing a new version of our server application. More can be read at Javalobby. What I'd like to see in our new server:
- multiprotocol support: support for RMI, JMS, socket so the client can for example initiate a communication via RMI and server sends a reply via JMS. Server can also initiate a connection with a client.
- scalability: server would have to support hundreds, maybe even thousands of concurrent users
- support for file, ftp, mail monitors: sometime we have to import some data from a file that resides on ftp, mail, .... Now we are doing this by hand. I'd like a component that would monitor those things and notify me, maybe even call appropriate method based on where the file came from and it's name.
- transaction support on Object level: this is more a wish than a requirement. We can still use database transactions
- AOP support: this is also a wish, but in this way I'd only have to write my log statements once, maybe I could use it also for transaction support via database transactions.

I like Mule and ServiceMix. The problem is that I don't know how they will behave in real world, mission-critical application. What do you suggest?
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