sreda, 04. julij 2007

My own notebook

Yuppiii! Last week I got my own notebook, a ThinkPad T60:
- Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16 GHz
- 2 Gb RAM
- 120 Gb HDD
- Atheros wireless card
- ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility X1400
- 15.4" display with 1680x1050

Of course it came with Windows XP, but I soon deleted it from the machine. :))) I put Ubuntu 7.04 on following this and this tutorials.
You have to use text installer to install Ubuntu 7.04, because ATIs card is not supported in this stage. After installing Ubuntu I had to follow this thread.
I had a lot of problems with the Atheros wireless card, since it was not recognized by the system, so I had to go and download the latest drivers from MadWifi homepage and do a simple make, make install. Of course every time I upgrade kernel-modules I have to do this again. Now wireless works like a charm. :))
The second problem was my sound card. It is an Intel AD1981. At first it didn't work, meaning that when I tried to play something I got a lot of Device not opened type of errors. Then I read something about this in Ubuntu forum and this thread. It seems that you have to have modem enabled in your BIOS. Doing this I still couldn't hear sound, so I followed this part of UbuntuGuide. I still kinda have a feeling that sound sometimes works and sometimes does not, like it would have a mind of it's own. :))) The main thing is that I know it does work. :)) For the most part. :))
OSD (On Screen Display) for sound and brightness (Fn + Home, Fn + End) were working from the ground up.
Of course I wanted to try beryl on T60. I have done everything that is described in these steps, but display was are mixed up. You couldn't see anything. For now I'm going to stick to GNOME and maybe later try another approach.
What is still not working is my modem. I'll have to look into this problem a bit more.

Bottom line I'm now working with a T60 for a week now and I love it. :)))
I'll keep you informed.
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