ponedeljek, 11. februar 2008

Custom resolution with VMWare Server

I'm using VMWare to run Windows on my Linux machine and the machine supports 1680x1050 which is not supported by default when you install VMware Tools.
To get it to work you can follow this steps:
- open regedit
- go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\{device id}\0000 use {device id} that has VMWare SVGA II in the description
- add a new binary value Resolution.x (x being by one bigger that other Resolution.y values), for example Resolution.11
- enter the value 31 36 38 30 78 31 30 35 30 (binary for 1680x1050)
- exit regedit and reboot

You can read more here and here.
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