petek, 21. julij 2006

Showing CVS version in NetBeans

The new CVS implementation does not show file versions in editor tabs and project nodes, but there is a way you can turn this feature on.
Edit $NETBEANS_HOME/etc/netbeans.conf and add this line
-J-Dnetbeans.experimental.cvs.ui.statusLabelFormat= {0} {1} {2} {3}
into netbeans_default_options variable.
{0} stays for revision
{1} stays for status
{2} stays for branch or sticky tag
{3} stays for binary flag

In my experience this is now working properly. When I commit a file into CSV then sometimes this labes are not refreshed. Oh well, the variable says that it is experimental. :))
I hope 6.0 will be way better in this regard.
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