petek, 15. september 2006

Power of Java

I've been involved with C++ for about two weeks now and I'm beginning to understand the power of Java that I've always taken for granted. :)
Java and C++ are much the same except that Java's power lies in it's libraries and it's GUI. In Java there is java.util.* that has a lot of helper classes (like Properties for example) that I couldn't find in C++ so I had to write it myself. Another thing is the GUI. If I program in Java there is no question about what GUI I'll be using. Swing it is! There is no such thing in C++. There are tons of different GUIs there. Some are cross-platform and some are not.
I also have to say that I like C++ generics (called templates) more that ones found in Java. Maybe it's just me. :)) there is a lot of strange systax involved in this, but C++ generics are a lot more powerfull.
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